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W.H.O. – Shaving your head can reduce spread of COVID-19

Geneva – World Health Organisation officials have announced the new trend of shaving heads can actually save lives.

In a statement released today, the Director General of the WHO said;

“There has been a positive correlation between the increase in the number of people shaving their heads and a reduction in the growth rate of the coronavirus.”

“Our advice during this global crisis remains the same, stay indoors, reduce contact and if you are showing symptoms, seek medical advice.”

When questioned, the Director General could not back the statement up with any hard evidence.

“We are unable to produce a scientific based explanation, we just know that what you all are doing is making the difference.”

While the experts are claiming a correlation in the increase of shaving heads and the decrease of infections – some alarming reports are showing a surge in breakups and divorces.

Coneheads posing for a photo
Covheads – Is it all happy families?

Our take on the news…

Here at The Daily Bundle, we have two schools of thought…

  1. Less hair = Less chance of carrying the virus.
  2. People are now too ashamed to take their egghead outside, reducing the spread of the virus.

Either way, for the sake of the world, maybe it’s time to take inspiration from Bruce Willis, Sinead O’Connor, Michael Jordan and all the other great baldies out there!

From all the newly shaved headed team at The Daily Bundle – we truly hope that this isn’t just another April Fools prank!

But before you consider shaving your hair off, consider your partner / other half / family members. They’re the ones stuck in quarantine with you who will have to look at your fresh baldy head.

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