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Trump, “totally cool” with continuing as President amid Coronavirus Crisis.

With the threat of Covid-19 further developing around the globe, President Trump is ready to continue in Office indefinitely as needed.

As Coronavirus has swept nation after nation, last week the WHO announced a pandemic status. The advice? Minimise non-essential social interactions, wash hands regularly and if you have symptoms, self-isolate.

However, the Commander-in-Chief didn’t need to take this advice seriously. This is because his immune system is “really great, maybe the best immune system we’ve ever seen”. To prove it, POTUS willingly exposed himself to not one, but two carriers of the virus.

After mounting pressure to be checked for the virus, Trump eventually agreed to be tested. On Saturday the 14th, he received a negative result for Covid-19.

Trump shaking hands with a doctor
Trump gets the all clear

With a clean bill of health, Trump is prepared for the upcoming re-election campaign in November. But as mass gatherings are being called off, the potential for elections not going ahead is a worry for some.

But not for Donald Trump

Best pal Putin, a particular friend during election season, has recently secured constitutional approval to continue ruling for the next 16 years.

“Nobody supports the Constitution more than Trump” an aide close to the President who will remain anonymous said. But with the challenges facing the United States at the moment, he might just have to stick around and Keep Making America Great.

“Coronavirus is an enemy of the people, Trump is the ally – who would you choose?”. This was the retort from the unnamed aide of Trump when the ideals of Democracy were brought up.

According to our source, he’s willing to take on the burden of a few more years of free rent in the White House.

What a guy!

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