Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed – ‘Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back’

The Daily Bundle asks the question – Who benefits from Donald J Trump boldly going where no other World leader has gone before?

Yesterday President Trump announced details of speedy coronavirus vaccine development, named Operation Warp Speed. “That means big, that means fast” he clarified to anyone initially puzzled.

Despite experts warning that such a breakthrough could take longer than 18 months. Trump’s has set his political phaser beam to focus firmly on bringing his country “back”.

Captain Trump at the helm

Announcing details of the plan, the president described it as “A massive scientific, industrial and logistical endeavour unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project.” – Anyone else feel like they can hear the orchestral sounds of a science fiction movie starting?

On the face of it you may applaud Trump for this decision to push science and technology to find a cure for us all. He could be the hero we’ve all been crying out for. It all makes sense now… He Arrived from another planet, sent forward from another time to guide us all into a new world.

However, we suspect the real reason is a little less admirable. It is an election year and the economy is down. Trumps popularity has dropped and Americans have become angered with the restrictive measures in place.

Operation Warp Speed and the Economy

Most importantly for Trump, the stock market is down. Throughout his time in office Trump’s personal measure of success has been the performance of the Stock Market, not economic growth or GDP.

There needs to be a turn around quickly, so that he can once again “build the greatest economy in the history of the world.”

It’s undeniable, the Covid-19 outbreak caused a massive drop in markets across the globe. However, many world leaders have put economic growth on hold and taken steps to protect against the rapid spread of the virus, and decrease the death rate.

Trump delayed action and assured the public it was a “Chinese Virus”. Workers were to continue their role in building the greatest country anyone has ever seen.

Tragically this course of action has put the United States firmly at the top of the global leaderboard for infection rates and deaths – America First!.

At the time of writing the US death toll is 86,000, with 1.4m confirmed cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. Meaning that US has been worst hit globally.

Operation Warp Speed
Hold my beer – I’ve got this

Asked if he has concerns about those returning to work despite no breakthrough in medical research, Trump replied: “I’m concerned about everything. And I’m also concerned about our country. Our country has to get back.”

This concern is felt so deeply by POTUS that he’s moved to remove the usual regulations put in place for safe development of vaccines, so they can be rolled out at, well, warp-speed – Who cares about clinical trials or side effects?

For all you conspiracy theorists out there… Operation Warp-Speed was announced on the same day that President Trump was presented with the new space force flag in the Oval Office. 

Operation Warp Speed
To infinity and beyond

So with all things considered, who benefits most from Operation Warp Speed? The World? The people of America? Our alien overlords? The millions of workers now facing risk of infection? The economy? Trump?

We know our answer, but we will let you decide yours…

P.S in keeping with the science fiction theme… Earlier this month the pentagon confirmed that UFO footage had been captured by the U.S Air force. We’ll leave this with you to make the connections, under the safety of tinfoil apparatus.