Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un: A bleached heart?

Rumours surrounding North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un have taken the world by storm. The media scrambles for answers.

North Korea has been ruled by Kim Jong-Un’s family for over 70 years, since Kim Il-sung founded the state.

Mr Kim himself has been at the helm for almost a decade, regularly grabbing the attention of the world. During his rule, he has developed the nuclear capabilities of the country, made family members and officials disappear and more recently, befriended Donald Trump.

Tensions were high between the US and North Korea when the Don took office, and many people thought that the new finger on the button just might go off.

But, luckily for the world, Trump has a soft spot for dictators and strongmen like Kim (perhaps because he owes his presidency to one?).

What was first thought to be a real threat of nuclear warfare, has instead turned into a “great friendship“, with Trump becoming the first US president to boldly go where no other had gone – take that Barack!

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump
What do you want Kim?

Jong-Un’s health issues

It’s no hidden secret that the North Korean despot isn’t the healthiest. Let’s be honest, he looks like a guy who considers deep fried cheese to be a health food, and exercise to be a myth.

Reports state that his weight has exceeded 300 pounds, which for a small guy is pretty impressive but also quite a clear health risk.

But the rumours that Kim Jong-un’s health is under stress have been particularly focused on in the last 2 weeks, and not because of coronavirus.

His absence in this time, along with movement of Chinese doctors has been the driver of the rumours. They severity of these rumours is pretty wild. Did he sprain his ankle? Did he go into a coma? Is this a plot by his enemies? Does he have the Rona? Has he died already?

Here at The Daily Bundle, we like to give ourselves credit for spotting the trends before others do. And we think that we might have just cracked the case on this one.

Sarcasm or genuine?

For this, we need to go back across the world to Kim’s good pal, President Trump.

On April 23rd, Trump made a medical breakthrough. He stated that the cure for coronavirus has been under our noses this whole time, or under our sinks for many.

Disinfectant, according to Trump, could be the way to kill off the virus and clean the body if injected. He’s had a lot to say about coronavirus over the past weeks, but we think that this could just be his most brilliant statement yet.

Not because of its sheer stupidity and recklessness, but because it was a joke of course! A sarcastic tongue in cheek comment to lift spirits in this difficult time.

A classic fake-out by the Don to fool the ‘Lamestream’ media into thinking he could actually suggest that injecting a toxic chemical into the human body could be a good idea….


But here’s where the trouble comes in. Not everyone has taken old Trump’s advice so light-heartedly. Less than 24 hours after his comments, 30 people in New York have been reported to have disinfectant exposure.

So if they didn’t get the President’s famous sense of humour for what it was, who’s to say that his bestie Kim didn’t befall the same fate?

The rumours of heart trouble could be right but missing the key element, reported by The Bundle here first – Kim Jong-un might have a bleached heart.

If this is true, and the reports of Kim’s bleach exposure begin to spread, remember that you heard it on The Daily Bundle first. But more importantly remember, stay safe and leave the bleach under the sink!

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