Anti-Lockdown Protest

Anti-Lockdown Protest – 8 Steps for Organising your own

Anti-Lockdown Protests are gaining in popularity around the United States. How are they being organised?

Here at the Daily Bundle, there’s one thing we love more than the news and that’s the freedom to live how you want to live and believe what you want to believe. 

Around the world, people have been listening to government recommendations, but not in the US. Americans have been standing up to the oppressive, unconstitutional and life-saving quarantine measures. Is it time we wake up and start protecting ourselves against the governments rules?

I mean its our right to contract this virus if we want to.

Anti-lockdown protest

We’ve looked long and hard at examples of movements in the States with admiration, awe and cringe at the bravery it takes to gather in mass during a global pandemic.

So with that in mind we’ve compiled a list of what you need to organise your own anti-lockdown protest!

1. A Facebook event

It’s very important to share the details of when and where this protest should take place.

Normally we’d advise to avoid using traditional social media sites due to the number of government agents using the sites but this also lets the government know that you’re not happy.

Find an appropriately patriotic photo for the cover and make sure your bio includes lots of words like “FREEDOM” and “TRUTH” and “JUSTIS” to really rile up your protest pals. 

2. Location

It’s important to select an accessible location for as many people as possible, maximum unsocial distancing.

We recommend gathering near a government building – nothing says ‘we mean business’ like posing in front of a Courthouse or Governor’s office.

This allows for great chanting opportunities such as “GOVERNMENT DISTANCING, NOT SOCIAL DISTANCING”.

3. Signs

Of course, what would a protest be without signs. This is where we’d encourage your own creativity. Maybe draw a parallel between yourself and Joe Exotic, both being detained unfairly.

Use this as a time to really let the government know that you’re on to them. Try “COVID 19 – THE GREATEST HOAX SINCE THE MOONLANDING” or “THE ONLY VACCINE I NEED IS A VOTE FOR TRUMP #TRUMP2020”. 

Anti-Lockdown Protest sign
A message people can get behind

4. Clothing

There’s no guidelines on what you should wear to an anti-lockdown protest, but we do have some suggestions. Washed denim or anything khaki will always be a winner here.

Draping a flag around your shoulders is strongly encouraged to make it known, you’re doing this for your country.

This can also be a great opportunity for you to broadcast your political opinions, and sport your favourite political memorabilia – the MAGA hat being a favourite for this type of event.

Or just forget all of the above and go Gilead on this protest.

5. A Podium

When you have all these people together it’s a good opportunity to let some opinions be shared.

Have a kind of open mic where you and your fellow agents for truth can spread the word about what’s really going on and why it’s unethical. Standing on a couple of Bud Light 6 packs should do the trick. 

6. Face masks and gloves

Just kidding, we all know that it’s a scam.

Playing both sides…

7. Media Coverage

Be careful about what the Lamestream media will say about this event.

There will be some heavy criticism but don’t let it get you down, your big dilemma here is weighing up the pros of having coverage across social media with the cons of high levels of exposure to 4G and 5G signals. 

8. Cleaning products

Of course, there is a small chance that being in large crowds may actually lead to contracting the COVID-19 Virus. One anti-lockdown protest organiser in South Carolina did contract the virus, but don’t let it discourage you!

In the unlikely event of this happening make sure you have some cleaning products on hand to inject appropriately.

What are you waiting for? Get your pals together, grab your favourite sign and run to your new-found freedom – and leave that mask at home!