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The Affordable Smartphones Race Begins

On Monday, technology giants Apple announced the release of their new iPhone SE, kicking off the release of affordable smartphones to come. A rebirth of the iPhone SE of 2016 this phone promises the performance of the newer iPhone models at a much lower price.

To do so, Apple has dropped some of the features of the newer models such as FaceID and the double lens rear camera as featured in the iPhone 11. 

As the world prices itself for the financial fallout of the current COVID-19 crisis, rumours are circling that other smartphone brands have begun planning for a new competition in the highly affordable smartphone market. 

Here’s what we’ve heard so far:


Samsung are said to be working on a concept for the brand new Galaxy s10-1, to bring down the cost they’ve done away with their celebrated triple lens camera technology. 

It’s replacement – A pencil case and sketchpad in a specially designed pocket on the side of the new model. 

It’s thought that this feature will be highly valued by all the newfound artistic talents who’ve just completed their lockdown “30 days of drawing something that no one cares about and causes everyone to skip past my IG story challenge”. 


Affordable smartphones from LG

LG have opted for a more analog security feature, to save on the expensive fingerprint scanning technology. 

Their affordable smartphones will come fitted with a combination padlock neatly fitted to the side. They claim that user experience won’t be hindered but that users must remember to scramble the lock between uses. 

Insurance companies have already come forward warning that changing one number after locking won’t be enough for a claim, you lazy, lazy boys and girls. I mean, come on.


The Daily Bundle was able to get through to the head of development of Nokia at his summer house in Finland where he has been quarantined. 

He told us “Why BANG the BANG hell BANG would BANG we BANG need BANG to BANG release BANG a BANG new BANG phone? BANG”. 

It was later revealed to us that at the time of the call he was using his Nokia 3310 from the year 2000 to hammer nails into a chicken coop he was building. 

Affordable smartphones are pretty much all that Nokia knows how to do, however debatable the IQ is questionable.


In light of the bad PR from the recent COVID crisis originating in China and the scientific findings on the dangers of 5G, Huawei have opted to keep all features from the previous models. 

Not only that, but they will be adding an upgraded microphone and front camera while still dropping the price. 

At a secret press meeting, with our China correspondent in attendance, the chairman of Huawei confirmed “and we promise we won’t be spying on anyone”. Our correspondent did notice the chairman’s fingers crossed behind his back, but put it down to coincidence.

These kinds of innovations under the pressure of a pandemic are what drives us forward to new heights. Mass consumerism and more phones out in the world is a good thing – so let’s get buying people!

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