Easter Weekend

The Top 5 Destinations for the Easter Weekend – Quarantine Guide

Easter weekend will be different in 2020, with much of the world in lockdown. But for those of you losing your minds in quarantine, looking for an escape – this guide is for you.

Depending on where in the world you are reading this from, the question is more likely to be; how long you have been under quarantine, rather than if.

As people continue to lose sanity from confinement, the desire to travel anywhere further than the bathroom and back again grows.

That’s why The Daily Bundle has found some great travel destinations for the upcoming Easter weekend.


Stockholm skyline

Swap the Stockholm syndrome of your home for actual Stockholm city.

Not only is Sweden famous for ABBA and Ikea meatballs, it can now add irresponsible pandemic management to the list.

Bars, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, gyms, schools etc remain open, as do its borders to other European countries.

This is fantastic for potential tourists from countries such as Spain or Italy, where the virus has brought life to a standstill. The trip to the supermarket tends to be the day’s highlight for many.

With the total number of cases above 6,000 at time of writing and rising quickly – who knows how long this desirable trip will be available for. So, gimme gimme gimme a plane ticket before midnight.


Belarus on a map

If the meatballs aren’t your style, and you’re afraid of your trip being cancelled, look no further than Belarus.

There’s nothing quite like a sauna and some vodka to cleanse the mind, body and soul. Or, according to Belarusian strongman Mr Lukashenko, to cure COVID-19.

Thankfully this enlightened leader see’s through the “psychosis” of the pandemic. According to him, world leaders are trying to use the virus as an opportunity to advance their own aims. Instead he chooses to focus on his own cures.

Sports fans will rejoice that ice hockey is included in his cures.


Panamanian coast with boat in the water

After such a long time away from the lads, Panama is offering the perfect answer.

Their policy of gender-specific quarantining ensures that you’ll get to spend quality time with the boys without the interruption of the other sex.

Consider panama for stag do’s, golfing trips or whatever male-oriented trips our enlightened society demands.


While the world may reel at forest fires or pandemics, Bolsanaro knows these are just small fires or a “little virus”.

If you dream of seeing the favelas or the hustle and bustle of busy Rio, the Tropical Trump has you covered.

And with a policy of “vertical isolation” you don’t have to worry about seeing any old people. Just the beautiful youth that Brazil is so famous for.


Great Wall of China

Finally, why not check out the destination where it all started – China.

With the virus now totally under control by the government (wink wink), now could be the perfect time to visit ground zero.

With cuisines such as bat soup or pangolin stew, the country has a lot to offer to gourmet aficionados.

Take a tour of the wet markets, and feel the freedom that hygiene regulations in other parts of the world restrict.

While surveillance might be at all time high, it’s a once in a lifetime chance to get some space on the Great Wall.

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